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Ginger has started her personal version of gingerlynn.com as the Next Generation in her career, and has enlisted the aid of some very happy geeks this time around. To try and be as honest as possible here, we learned something early on that we will share, just in the hopes of giving you some advantage over the way we started.

You never know exactly what’s going to happen with Ginger, as she really doesn’t have one of those “polite society” filters that most of us hide behind. We suggest hanging on for dear life.

Considering how each of the earlier generations of Ginger’s career has gone, it probably should surprise no one how this generation has begun, but Ms. Lynn can be a whirlwind of fun, and she has slides, and magazine pages, and movies, and many, many stories, to prove it — starting clear back in 1982 — which would be roughly a decade and a half before many of today’s stars were even born.

Now, you can read all about why you should join the members’ side, and what you get, and how happy you’ll be, so we have no need to repeat that here. Above most other things, actually, Ginger enjoys being direct. … So, um, look around. Join. Listen to several hundred hours of free audio. … Be happy.

So WELCOME to GingerLynn.com and come join the Members’ Area when you can.
(Do, however, remember that part about hanging on for dear life.)